Why Advertising Drink Specials on Your Facebook Page Does Not Work

By: Drink Grab

Are you posting your drink specials on Facebook with no results? Why aren't customers responding? It's probably because they don't see your posts, and this is due to two reasons. First of all, they aren't looking for your posts because it takes too long. Imagine that you are operating your bar/pub in a good sized city, and there are maybe one hundred fifty other bars and restaurants nearby. Everyone is posting to their own business's Facebook page. Do you really think customers in the area are going to visit one hundred fifty different Facebook pages looking for drink specials? I wouldn't.

FB Advertising Only Partly Works

I know the idea is that when your business posts about specials on a certain day, customers will see it. But this only works if you pay Facebook to promote your posts. The days of free advertising on Facebook are over, and the algorithms will show your posts to virtually no one unless you pay up. This can get very expensive, especially for a small business. 

Facebook Wasn't Designed for This

Advertising drink specials on Facebook doesn't work well because the platform was never designed specifically for that purpose. Your business page on Facebook is equivalent to a single page on your website with a running feed of different posts sorted by date. It's just not suited to displaying and managing specialized content. That job can be done better by software designed specifically for this niche task.

DrinkGrab Can Help

Our software is specifically designed to manage creating, displaying, and updating daily drink special deals at your bar, pub, or restaurant. It's a niche solution for a problem that has plagued the hospitality industry for a long time. It works much better than a sign in your establishment, and right now it's free. We don't plan on charging more than ten dollars a month for it when it takes off, and that is far less than you would spend on Facebook advertising. We just need you and your customers to try it out!