The Best Drink Special App in the World Needs Your Help

By: Drink Grab

With all the apps in the app store, you would think there would be one that would show drink specials and happy hour deals in your area. Sadly, this is not the case. I had friends who looked specifically for a drink special app for Athens GA, home of the University of Georgia, and there was nothing - nothing current anyway. Athens has over 100+ bars in less than one square mile area, so it would be helpful to know which bars have cheap drinks on a particular day. I'm sure the same holds true for your city.

Why are there no good drink apps?

The main problem with basically all drink special apps is that they rely on individuals (customers) going to bars, checking specials, and adding them to the database. This does not work - no individual or group of individuals can be tasked with going to every bar every day to check what drinks are on sale. This may work in a very small area with a highly dedicated group of customers, but it simply will not work in most places - Athens GA included. Facebook pages also do not work well - most bars have a FB page, but if you have 100 bars in town, it would take way too long to visit each page, read through the feed, and try to locate a post about drink specials. Facebook pages are simply not designed for managing drink specials.

A Solution

Drink Grab (available for Android and iPhone) is designed to solve this problem by allowing the bars themselves to add, update, and manage their own drink specials. If you are a bar or restaurant owner, just create an account, enter your specials, your entire menu, and connect directly with customers in the area. Run promotions to attract customers on a specific day or offer popular drinks at steep discounts to drive foot traffic. 

With Drink Grab, all the specials are organized in the same place, and they can be sorted based on where you are. It's super easy to sift through fifty or even 100 bars on Drink Grab because everything is right there in the feed. 

The Best Feature of Drink Grab

Perhaps the best feature of Drink Grab is its ability to let bars enter different specials for different days of the week. If a bar has several drinks that are on sale on Monday, others on Tuesday, and so on, the manager or employee just enters them on the "My Bar" page for every day of the week. When customers open the app, they will see the correct special on the correct day automatically. Customers can tap the menu button and view specials on any other day of the week also. 

Get Your Local Bar Signed Up

Drink Grab will work anywhere in the world, but it's partly up to you to get your local bars signed up. This is a really new app, and it was originally built to teach software development in a real world environment. In other words, we don't have a massive marketing budget...or a marketing budget at all. Think of this app more as an experiment - I don't know if it will catch on, and I can't make it happen all by myself. So, Drink Grab is relying on you to show this app to bars and restaurants in your area. Our goal is to help you start enjoying cheap drinks as soon as possible - everyone loves good, cheap beer! 

I think this is truly the best drink special app in the world. Would you agree? Download the app, leave a review, and let us know! P.S. Show it to your local bars also so it will actually work in your area. Let's get this going!

Download the apps. Get Drink Grab for iPhone, get Drink Grab for Android.