How to Promote Drink Specials

By: Drink Grab

Happy hours and drink specials are a great way to promote your bar, attract, and build a recurring customer base. Here are a few tips to improve turnout at your happy hour.

  1. Discount popular drinks - don't put something on sale that nobody buys anyway. That's not helpful and it annoys customers. Don't try to make too much money on this special - it's just a way to get people in the door - something that's increasingly hard to do in many areas.
  2. Advertise - nobody is going to come to your bar and buy your cheap drinks if no one knows about them. In the recent past, Facebook has been the main advertising platform, but it's not optimized for this purpose, it costs money, and it's hard to update. Don't even think your posts are going to reach anyone if you don't sponsor them - those days are over for brands on Facebook. You'll have to 'boost' your page, and it can get expensive fast. A sign outside or on the wall in a conspicuous place.
  3. Run a different special for each day of the week. This is super important - people need a reason to come in as often as possible, and they'll get bored if you have the same thing on sale every day. 
  4. Use DrinkGrab - a service that lets you promote your drink specials for every day of the week. It works through geolocation and shows customers in your local area what specials you have on sale for a given day of the week.
  5. Target your specials for peak hours - maybe you have a crowd that comes in after work and then another crowd that comes in after nine in the evening. Give them each a deal. 
  6. Vary your specials - it's best to regularly rotate your drink specials to keep things fresh. The only disadvantage to this is that people who don't come in regularly may forget. But DrinkGrab can help with that!