Bar Promotion Ideas That Work

By: Drink Grab

Is your bar struggling to attract customers? Is your customer base not growing? Do your marketing efforts feel stagnant? If so, here are a few tips to increase foot traffic and revenue.

  1. Drink Specials - Running drink specials and becoming known around town as an establishment with good specials will reap huge rewards. For example, a bar in town sells $1 Yuenglings on Thursday nights. As you might suppose, that bar is full every Thursday night, and many of the other bars in town are not. 
  2. Advertise - If you do choose to run drink specials, you need a way to advertise them. It's not enough to lower prices on a few drinks if no one knows. With the advent of Facebook and social media, many bars have chosen to post their deals on their Facebook pages. While this may work to some extent, Facebook was not designed to be an advertising solution for drink specials. However, this site ( is - you can post up to 3 unique drink specials for each day of the week. When users open the iPhone, Android, or web app, the nearest specials will show up in the feed. It's a great way to advertise your drink specials locally - to people in your community. 
  3. Lower Prices - Being the cheapest bar in town is a great way to sell drinks, and prices don't have to be too low that you can't make a profit - they just have to be slightly lower than your competition.
  4. Focus on Your Niche - Many people frequent specific bars because of the atmosphere, and you, as an owner/promoter, can optimize the environment to make your customers feel more at home and comfortable. This is a great way to build loyalty in your community

By implementing these four ideas, you can promote your bar more effectively, bring in more new customers, and make more money!